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Advili Company started its activities in late 2018, a company that provides passenger and cargo transportation services via online Advili delivery application.It is the interface between the users registered in the advili delivery application and drivers registered in the advili driver application. If you have not had the experience of using Advili Delivery App yet, we’re sure that you have at least heard its name and you are pretty familiar with the process.

The Advili Delivery has been very successful for citizens in reducing the urban trip problems in the last year, such that many people prefer using Advili delivery application for their transportation and load carriage over using their personal vehicles.

Some people argue that the complexity of working with Advili delivery application has led them to prefer taxi and other urban vehicles. This article is intended for this group of people. Step-by-step guidance for using the Advili delivery app to prove that online reservation of vehicles is not so difficult as it might seem.

To get started, it might be a good idea to have a short description of the Advili delivery app and online reservation of vehicle:

What is the Advili delivery app?

To brief and to the point, the Advili delivery app is the bridge between the drivers registered in the app and you, drivers that you can view them on the map online and reserve their vehicle to get you to your destination or carry your cargo.

The most important advantage of Advili delivery application is that by registering it you can reserve any kind of vehicle that you intend, including:

  • Personal car for trips inside city
  • Motorcycle for shipment of small packages.
  • Pickup truck for the shipment of larger cargo.
  • Tow to replace defective vehicles and moving them to repair shops
  • Mini Truck for heavy cargo shipment

The Advili delivery app is released for iOS and Android platforms; you can download the latest version just right now from App Store and Google Play for free. In order to register your information in the app’s database, you need to fill out the user account registration processes in the application.

You only need to enter your mobile number and wait for the account verification code.

Before starting using the app, you need to activate your geographic location and internet; the internet is needed to find and view the surrounding cars on the map and reserve them, and the location is for the driver to know exactly their location in the city.

After you are sure of the activation of these two, it’s time to request the car.

How to reserve the intended vehicle by Advili Delivery application?

While you are connected to the Internet and your geographic location is turned on, enter your account in the application. Here you see the origin’s map and the vehicles available.

To make a reservation, first of all you must determine the origin and destination of the trip. Set the source and destination manually

Find the origin (for example, the square) on the map; zoom in the map to accurately locate your origin and touch the origin icon once to confirm your origin.

Now you have to go back to the map and select your destination (for example, the square) and confirm and specify the destination by touching your destination again.

You can also use the google map icons to easily find your origin or destination.

Zooming the map and accurately selecting the origin and destination and speeding up requests as quickly as possible are of great importance.

You can also specify the second and third destinations by clicking on the + icon. The waiting time in each destination can be specified by clicking on “extra stop” icon, and you can determine the round trip by clicking on the “round trip” icon.

Please note that if you have a consignment, after confirmation and reviewing the application fee, you will need to provide a brief description of your shipments and the receiver so that the operator of Advili will contact you for the final confirmation in the shortest time. If the request is correct, the final confirmation is performed and your request is published. The closest driver will start moving towards you after accepting your request to carry out your request. Note that, there might be cases that the operator will not contact you due to high traffic of requests and you will be directly connected to the driver.

Changes in the stop and leaving time and selecting second or third destinations will result in further charges.

After confirming and accepting the request through the driver, you can view the driver and their vehicle information in the home page and call the driver by tapping the “call” icon to speed up finding your exact location.

Note that the driver may contact you to find your exact location.

And when the driver arrives at your source, you will be notified in the advili delivery app in your Mobile.

How to pay the fare?

Currently, the fare is calculated in the application and the requesting user must pay it in cash directly to the driver.

When your request is done, a page will appear on your app that you can rate your driver in terms of driving ability, treatment, and the car in terms of being clean.

Where can we see the travel information?

The history of all your trips is stored in the Advili servers; information such as the routes you traveled, the costs you paid, the distance and duration you spent in the Advili vehicles.

But what is the use of this information? To manage your trips with the Advili Delivery app, manage your expenses, to access this information, simply click on the “pervious request” option in the drop-down menu of the app.

How to report our discontent with the driver to Advili?

The drivers of Advili have passed very meticulous stages to be employed, but it’s not easy to control all of them. So, the Advili Delivery app needs your help to eliminate offending drivers and hire good ones.

If your driver constantly asked questions to find the route, or did not have a good driving skill, you can give them low score after the trip and give a brief explanation about the driver. The operators will check it and deal with the offending drivers.

This was all you needed to know about Advili Delivery app. Now that you’re familiar with it, do you still think that using the Advili Delivery application is more difficult than getting a taxi? Are you ready to use Advili vehicles for in-town trips and transportation of light and heavy weight goods? As always, we look forward to receiving your valuable views.

All the explanations we have given to you are based on the latest version of the Advili Delivery application. So make sure to use the latest application.

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