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Advili Company started its activities in late 2018, a company that provides passenger and cargo transportation services via its own online applications. It is the interface between the clients registered in the advili delivery application and drivers registered in the advili driver application.

If you have not had the experience of using Advili Apps yet, we’re sure that you have at least heard its name and you’re pretty familiar with the process.

The Advili Driver has been very successful for vehicle owners in reducing the urban traffic and occupational problems since its commencement, such that many people have joined the Advili Transportation Fleet both to earn money though their vehicle and to provide services for beloved countrymen. By registering in Advili driver application, you can easily start earning money anytime and anywhere.

Some people argue that the complexity of working with Advili driver application has led them to choose other similar apps to make money. This article is intended for this group of people.

Step-by-step guidance for using the Advili driver app to prove that making money with your vehicle is not so difficult as it might seem.

To get started, it might be a good idea to have a short description of the Advili driver app and money making with vehicle:

What is the Advili driver app?

To brief and to the point, the Advili driver app is the bridge between the drivers registered in the app and the customers using the advili delivery, users that you can see their request online in the app and serve them with their own vehicle and earn money.

The most important advantage of Advili Driver application is that you can register with any vehicle that you own and use it to earn money.

The vehicles with which you can register in the app are as follows.

  • Personal car for trips inside city and carriage of passengers
  • Motorcycle for shipment of small packages.
  • Pickup truck for the shipment of larger cargo.
  • Tow to replace defective vehicles and moving them to repair shops
  • Mini Truck for heavy cargo shipment

So the biggest benefits of signing up in the Advili Driver app is that no matter what vehicle you have, you can earn money and it has no particular limitations.

The Advili driver app is released for iOS and Android platforms; you can download the latest version just right now from App Store and Google Play for free.

After downloading and installing software, you only need to click on the cooperation request item on the home page and fill in the relevant fields to start cooperation. Then wait for experts from Advili to contact you and give you the explanation for the final registration.

You can also visit the Advili office at the address provided on the site’s home page to speed up the registration process.

It should be noted that no matter which city you live in; you can finalize your registration process without visiting the office in person and with the help of our experts by submitting your documents online.

How to work and get acquainted with the Advili driver application

After installing the app and completing the registration process

Run the program.

Turn on the Internet to connect to the server

Turn on your geographic location and allow its access to the app so you can get receive the requests in your location.

Note that your mobile is not in silent mode and the notifications is on so that you get informed regarding the requests.

Enter the mobile number by which you have registered and requested the partnership. Please note that you can enter the application only with the number that you have registered. Enter the verification code that has been sent to you. Enter the application.

Make sure the internet and GPS are turned on.

At the bottom of the page, your status is selected as inactive mode by default. If you choose your status in inactive mode, no requests will be sent to you. So it’s important to choose the “inactive” option in the app when you do not want to work.

By choosing “active”, requests can be received and the app will be in standby mode.

As you can see, the program is very simple so that you can use it easily while you drive.

In the bar, you will see the operator; you can contact the support team in case of a problem.

The descriptions of 5 tasks in the middle of the page are pretty clear, however, you need to know more about them.

  1. Map: This section displays your position on the map.
  2. Geographical location (gps): This section shows the gps status (active or deactive) so that you can click on it to turn on your gps.
  3. Score: The average score that users have given you since the beginning is shown in this section.

Note that the higher the score you receive, the more requests will be sent to you, and the lower your score, fewer requests will be sent to you; so try to get the most points from the user by maintaining the driving principles.

  1. Debt: The amount you owe to the company due to the failure to pay the Commission of orders. If you don’t pay it, no requests will be sent to you.
  2. CREDIT: “Your Credit” is the amount of money you have in your account.

Advili also receives a small percentage per every request that you carry out. It is the fee for using the software. In order to not have trouble charging your account, it is recommended to increase your “credit” in the early hours of starting your activity and deposit an amount to the account of Advili, in person and unattended, and make the necessary coordination with the Advili company operator to increase your credit. Of course, increasing the credit online and through valid bank accounts will be provided soon.

How to accept an order in Advili driver app?

According to a variety of factors, the app notifies the orders to the drives that are within the reach of the customer, but in order for the requests to reach you, you must:

Put your status in active mode, connection with server should be active (mobile Internet is on), location finder should be active (GSP enabled)

In the “request acceptance” message, which pops up on your phone, the cost of the request, the origin, destination, and your distance to the customer are displayed. Also, if the person requests a two-destination travel request, returns, or stops on the route, it can be seen on this page. If you are willing to accept the request, you must touch the “accept” button before the time expires.

When the request is accepted by you, the person’s name, address of origin, contact number of the person, and a brief explanation of the shipment (in case of sending shipment) will be provided for you. When you arrive at the origin, you must click on “arrived to origin” to inform the customer that you have arrived. When the passenger gets on or the cargo is loaded, select the move form origin button.

The Advili Driver app offers an option to the drivers regarding routing so that they can use routing applications such as Google Maps, Waze, or other similar apps to find the best route to reach the origin and destination. This option is available by selecting the routing icon on the right side of the screen.

When you complete the request operations, press “arrived to destination” button and make sure to receive an electronic signature from the person delivering the cargo (if there is any).

By returning to the Home screen, you are ready to accept a new request again and you must wait for next order.

The Advili support department is always ready to answer the driver’s questions and problems, and will do its best to solve unforeseen problems.

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